Ken Padgett

“Mr. Miller has written one of the best documented and detailed works on the American Civil War in decades. He has combined both exciting research as well as personal first hand site visits that make They All Wore a Star to come alive to the reader.” — Ken Padgett

  • Founding member of the Friends of the Resaca Battlefield and presently serves as President.
  • Founding member of the Gordon County Historic Preservation Commission and presently serves as Chairman.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of the Gordon County Historical Society.
  • Assisted in field research with Dr. Philip L. Secrist’s book “The Battle of Resaca.”
  • Assisted in field research with William R. Scaife’s book “The Campaign For Atlanta.”
  • Key force in establishing the Fort Wayne Historic Site and the Resaca Battlefield Historic Site. Total of 600 acres preserved.
  • Worked with Trust For Public Land to protect an additional 488 acres of Civil War land in a Conservation Easement.