Victoria Bryant Stewart

“Miller’s work is a welcome addition to Civil War scholarship. This is an excellent resource for those interested in a myriad of primary sources material.  These sources, Union and Confederate, illustrate the interplay among events, the role and decisions of historical actors, and the insight provided by these historical actors.  These sources represent a body of knowledge that provide vital information of use by historians, researchers, and those interested in the American Civil War.  Much like James McPherson’s efforts to capture the sentiments of soldiers, Miller additionally puts a personal touch upon this narrative by following his own great-great grandfather’s experience.  As Miller argues, the Battle of Resaca represents an understated aspect within the narratives of the American Civil War.  They All Wore a Star: In the Fight for the Four-Gun Battery provides a foundation for understanding the motivations, perspectives, successes, and setbacks.  Miller’s work offers a remedy to fill in the gap of American Civil War scholarship by providing this wealth of sources to again give a voice to those historical actors that have since been silenced.” — Victoria Bryant Stewart, Ph.D. is an Assistant Professor of History at Northwest Florida State College