They All Wore a Star


In the Fight for the Four-Gun Battery During the Battle of Resaca, Georgia, May 15, 1864

This blog is for accounts of the Battle of Resaca and the 129th Illinois Infantry and related units.

“Mr. Miller has written one of the best documented and detailed works on the American Civil War in decades. He has combined both exciting research as well as personal first hand site visits that make They All Wore a Star to come alive to the reader.” — Ken Padgett Founding member of the Friends of … Continue reading Ken Padgett

Ken Padgett

“Miller’s work is a welcomed addition to Civil War scholarship. This is an excellent resource for those interested in a myriad of primary sources material.  These sources, Union and Confederate, illustrate the interplay among events, the role and decisions of historical actors, and the insight provided by these historical actors.  These sources represent a body … Continue reading