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The original images of James Walker’s and George H. Blakeslee’s paintings of the Battle of Resaca were provided by the owners of the paintings and appear in this book by their express permission.  Further, images used in these works have been digitally restored by the author, who retains sole ownership those products.  Therefore, use of the images by others is prohibited by the owners of the paintings first, and this author second.  To use images of the paintings elsewhere one must obtain permission and original images from the owners. Likewise, the author claims copyright to the digital enhancement to the Butterfield Lithograph, which was provided by the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. In the maps in the book and website, modifications made by the author are copyright.  These include troop positions shown as overlays on Butterfield’s version of Blakeslee’s map of the battle; troop positions and the corrected position of Corput’s Battery, shown as overlays on Kurtz’s map; and digital enhancement of Blakeslee’s map of the battle.