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They All Wore a Star

  1. Who got credit for capturing the battery?
  2. Which regiment had the most casualties during the assault?
  3. Which regiment did the most fighting?
  4. Why did so many from the North enlisted to fight the South?
  5. What did Captain Culver not tell his wife?
  6. What did Wes Connor do before and after the war?
  7. Who took the long way around and arrived after the others had already engaged?
  8. Why were generals Slocum and Schurz not used in the campaign?
  9. How did a vegetable help capture a notorious guerilla?
  10. Who was Uncle Ned? What became of him?
  11. Which regiment fought to the enemy line? What did they find?
  12. Who fired into the backs of their comrades? (Name three occasions.)
  13. Why did Oliver and Tremain get Medals of Honor?
  14. Why were the brigades almost down to half at the start of the campaign?
  15. Who wrote so well of what it takes to toughen a soldier?
  16. Who wrote of what it takes to supply an army?
  17. Why did they evacuate the fort after they’d taken it?
  18. Do you think Hooker helped Sherman’s plan?
  19. Why did the Rebs move the battery in front of their line? When did they do it?
  20. How did that change the result?
  21. When did Sherman have the Rebs in a “nine-hole”? How did they get out?
  22. Whose division was assigned to lead the assault? What was his experience?
  23. Was Ward’s brigade prepared for battle? Was Coburn’s?  Explain the difference.
  24. Which division interfered with Butterfield’s? Why? What did that cause?
  25. Why were eastern and western Union soldiers at odds before the battle?
  26. What happened to Private Cox and his family?
  27. Who was the oldest private in the 129th Illinois? What did he do? Did he survive?
  28. How old was the youngest private in the 129th Illinois? What was his special skill?
  29. Which Colonel risked his commission and his regiment to protect contraband in Kentucky?
  30. How many writers talked about their difficulties with Cumberland Mountain?
  31. At which station did regiments lose the most to disease?
  32. Why were they marching so hard all over Kentucky? Did they accomplish anything?
  33. Describe marching or being on picket at night during winter in rain or snow.
  34. How did men freeze on top of boxcars?
  35. Who got to Resaca first, Feds or Rebs?
  36. How did the 129th Illinois celebrate Christmas 1863? Who was in camp?
  37. Why were officers enjoying champagne and oysters in Stevenson while Thomas’ army was starving in Chattanooga?
  38. What was Blakeslee’s army skill?
  39. How many officers were lawyers? West Pointers?
  40. Were Butterfield and Williams West Pointers?
  41. What inspired one officer to invent his own typewriter for his law practice after the war?
  42. Why did General Morgan release Blakeslee and his squad after capturing them?
  43. What did he make them do first?
  44. Why did Company F think Uncle Ned might be a spy?
  45. How many trophy cannon were captured?
  46. How long was the first march in miles and hours? How many soldiers arrived before the next march started?
  47. Did the assault break the Rebel line?
  48. Did the the waiting divisions follow? Explain.
  49. When did Williams deploy?
  50. Who was buried in the fort? Under an Oak nearby? Were they left there?
  51. Where are the dead eventually buried?
  52. Describe the Valley of the Dead Mules. Why so many? Who described the “balm”?
  53. Who captured Lookout Mountain all by himself?
  54. Who bumped William’s from fighting at Wauhatchie and what was his reward?
  55. Pick the better and worse generals.
  56. Would a Court of Inquiry have been justified after the battle?
  57. Who suggested using Snake Creek Gap?
  58. Whose Corps followed the Rebels out of Dalton, to Resaca?
  59. Which General wanted to assault the fort with one brigade the night before?
  60. Why did he not?
  61. How was Simonson’s fight significant? Could they have won without Hooker?
  62. Who occupied the hill after Simonson’s fight and before the fight for the battery?
  63. Were Sherman and Hooker friends? How did Hooker reward Sherman? Vice-versa?
  64. Which generals were most interested in getting their abilities and accomplishments in the news? Who was not?
  65. What became of Geary and Hooker after the war?
  66. Why did Sam Peak request not to be forage master any more?
  67. What was considered perhaps the worst duty, by both privates and officers?
  68. Why did McPherson retreat from Resaca?
  69. Who got his McPherson’s job after he was killed?
  70. What became of “Old Plug”?
  71. Who took credit for regaining the north side of the Gettysburg battlefield? How did the record get corrected? Who had lost it?
  72. Who was blamed for Chancellorsville? The Germans? Hooker?  Howard?
  73. Which battles’ destruction did Ward’s brigade witness before they were on their way to their first? How did that affect their attitudes?
  74. Explain the value of coffee.
  75. Who complained of not having coffee till 2 am during the battle?
  76. Who offered to just buy Hooker a new battery if he wanted one so bad?
  77. Which private spilled the beans about Ireland’s halt? Which generals redirected that brigade’s regiments?
  78. Which regiments did not get the word to stop? How many men did they lose before coming back? Which did not even get to the hill until night?
  79. Which of Hooker’s brigades lost the most men? The least? Why?
  80. Which Rebel regiment was almost wiped out in the late afternoon flank attempt?
  81. Which Rebel regiment was in front of the line during the fight for the battery and in the assault on Simonson the night before? What became of that regiment?
  82. Who stayed behind while the rest of the Rebel army evacuated? Did they escape?
  83. Who was the “Hero of Resaca”. What other battle was his glory?  But where did he “show the white feather”?
  84. Who commanded the largest Federal army of the Atlanta Campaign? Who was his roommate?
  85. Which general held off the Rebs at Chickamauga while the rest of the Feds fled?
  86. How was Fort Pillow significant in the fight at Resaca?
  87. Which general commanded the Battles for Chattanooga?
  88. Why did the capture of Lookout Mountain make the battle of Missionary Ridge harder?
  89. Did that affect relations between Hooker and Sherman?
  90. Who was Harrison’s grandfather?
  91. Why was Ward a general and in command of the brigade?
  92. Who exposed his troops to sniper fire by testing a scoped rifle?
  93. Who died carrying the 129th Illinois flag? How many times was he wounded?
  94. What did Robert Hale Strong do in the fight?
  95. What was Sherman’s objective at Resaca?
  96. Why did the Rebels leave?
  97. Why did the Rebels go back to their first trench, beyond the hill, after the Simonson fight? When did they return to the hill?
  98. Who’s unit withdrew, leaving a gap on the north side? Why was he not removed?
  99. Why did Colonel Winkler document his part in the fight in such detail?


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