Keys to Blakeslee’s Resaca Assault Map

From Blakeslee’s 1899 letter to Wes Conner of Corput’s Cherokee Battery, describing the map he drew the day after the battle

A. The  gun  on  which   Sergt.  Hess,   129th     Illinois   was standing when killed. Here our colors were planted.

B. Stump in cleared field behind which was a C.S. Sharpshooter,  who    was    killed    by    102nd        Illinois Sharpshooter,  George  Dheu,  [Dew] and  buried  by  myself and Tom Wyckoff.

C. The stump from which Dheu [Dew] fired the fatal shot.

D. The most advanced position gained by the 3 regiments that passed beyond your guns.

E. Location – Where Division formed in Column by regimental front for the advance.

F. Where 51 – 129th  Illinois rest  of Company G –  13.  [51 of the brigade, including 129th]

G. Projecting ledge, a protection to 70th Indiana while holding Battery.

H. The point on Gen. Howard’s line from which Walker’s great painting was made.

X. Deployment of 1st and 2nd  Brigades here.

X-1. Gen. W.T.  Ward severely wounded here, Harrison taking command.

[circle with slash]. Near this place there lay a dead Indian, who had two scalps of white men in his belt. The officer in charge ordered the Indian to be left without burial, it is said.

The Heavy Red lines show C.S.A. field works. The Heavy Blue lines Union regiments.

Thin  Red  lines  show  the  line  of  march  to  the  attack;  3rd

Brigade bore to the left and was lost sight of in the pines.

O. Where I was slightly wounded.

P. Captured a Johnny Captain here ; don’t know who he was.

K. 2nd  Brigade  scattered  by  terrible  fire  of  Confederates. The  2nd Brigade  was  to  keep  to  right  of  our  Brigade  and support us on the right flank; just after crossing the Dalton road the canister from your guns turned them from their course, and crossing our line of march  to the  rear,  took  to the bush on the northern slope of the  hill,  gaining  which, they prostrated themselves on lines  as  shown.  I  located these positions from a few of their dead lying there.

This map is a copy on a small scale of the one I made for Maj. Gen. Dan Butterfield on the field May 16, 1864, and which is published in connection with Walker’s great painting .This map is contrary to prescribed rules of map making.

In it we are facing the direction as we moved to the attack, the top of the map being nearly S.E. At the angle held by Corput’s Battery the main line turns nearly due east to the river.

At the point marked Brown’s Brigade  the  Confederate dead were buried, burial parties reporting the number at 600; in 1895 the graves were yet plain to be seen, many of the slabs still at the head of graves. My painting is from sketch made May 16 – the landscape was viewed from just to the rear of the two guns at your left, which were run into position just as we crossed the Dalton road. From here I illustrate the advance of our line up that dread hill side. My foreground show Confederate working these guns, supported by infantry, taking it as cool as possible, under the hurricane of death that Wheelers’s Battery rained upon them. The dead lay thick around while I was there.

GH. Blakeslee

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